7 Ways to Up Your Hotel Room Service

By Ashley Nigro

7 Tips for Successful Hotel Room Service

Whether potential hotel guests are traveling for work or pleasure, they are expecting a hotel experience that is convenient, efficient, and timely when it comes to their accommodations. Therefore, it is essential to be able to offer a range of services and special features that will make a guests’ stay relaxing, care-free and, most importantly, top-notch.

Follow our top seven tips to make your hotel room service successful.

Presentation is critical
Whether guests are interested in having a private meal or something quick before they have to leave, how you present a room service order should always be upscale. Hotel guests will appreciate the extra thought put into the appearance of their food service arrangement, especially if their busy schedule prevents them from dining out. 

Ensure Efficiency
Being prompt and organized is critical to make sure guests don’t have to experience any inconvenience when it comes to services they requested. Nothing is worse than having your visitors waiting excessively for an amenity, especially if it puts their plans for the day on hold.

Stay up-to-date on technology
Technology is always advancing and providing ways to make life more efficient and convenient. Stay on top of trends that can be implemented to improve your hotel service. Using in-room iPad’s or apps that can be accessed on smartphones to order room service or other needs can speed up operations and make guests happier.

Unique menu options
If your guests are from out-of-town, they’ll most likely be interested in trying something new. Think of ways to incorporate your local city favorites into unique dish creations and present your entrees in interesting ways. It is wise to create a separate, smaller late-night menu if your hotel dining area isn’t 24-hours so hotel guests can still be accommodated.

Portable service options
Offer on-the-go menu options for guests staying for business or who need to eat and run. Things that are quick to make and easy to carry would be ideal so that guests can take it with them if needed.

Recommend things to do close by
Creating a list of popular things to do and see is a great idea, especially if your visitors have never been to your city before. This gives them an opportunity to better plan their trip and be able to try local hot-spot favorites.

 Provide clear communication methods
Make sure there’s a simple way for guests to let you know if they need something and, in turn, be prompt and fast to their requests. You want visitors to feel like they can confidently rely on you to make them comfortable and meet all their needs. This will result in you gaining big kudos!

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