Top 4 Upselling Tips for Restaurants

By Ashley Nigro

4 Upselling Tips for Restaurants

Upselling is an important foodservice tactic for increasing business profits as well as enticing guests to try better quality products. However, be careful not to annoy customers or push too much when it comes to the way you and your staff go about expressing upselling beverages and dishes.

There are a variety of strategies that are easy to execute for your foodservice establishment. Below are our top 4 simple tips to keep guests not only happy with their experience, but willing to taste new things.

Suggest Specific Cocktails
Customers are more willing to consider specific cocktails if your staff offers them, along with brief descriptions, as choices when asking for drink orders. Just the mention of a drink’s name could spark interest in those who are still undecided and it brings something to their attention that they may have overlooked in the menu. Offer your personal favorites, new cocktails you would like feedback on, or even drinks that don’t get ordered as often.

Begin & End with Appetizers & Desserts
Promoting appetizers and/or desserts is an easy way to increase sales and create a more wholesome dining experience. Recommendations for popular dishes or innovative items that feature unique ingredients can persuade hungry appetites to add to their order.

When upselling extra courses, it’s wise to keep in mind the party size. Suggest a smaller appetizer for parties of two so they don’t get too full before the main course. Likewise, offer a range of desserts to try or share for parties of four or more who may be willing to splurge.

Promote Premium Liquors
A quick way to upsell and make your guests feel like they’re getting more out of their alcoholic beverages is to suggest premium spirits over the well/house liquors, which are the cheapest and lowest in alcohol content. This can add a few bucks to the overall bill as well as make customers feel like they’re getting the best value for their money. However, it is wise to observe guests when going over liquor choices to ensure they’re aware of any significant price differences.

Recommend Add-Ons for Entrées
Increase profit by proposing add-ons when visitors are selecting their entrées. Recommend a side for dishes served a la carte or ask if they’d like to add premium condiments, such as guacamole or cheese, at an extra charge. Just the mention of an add-on that pairs well with a main course is likely to tempt guests into adding them.

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